Below are the three main reasons why you should reupholster your old furniture rather than replacing.

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Costs for reupholster services vary across the country and are dependent on fabric choice, item condition, and project details. Most quotes from professional upholstery services are for labor only, and do not include the price of fabric.
Furniture Quality
Older furniture tends to be well-built, as is custom, or hand-made pieces. However, newer pieces may never have been built well to begin with. Manufacturers have lowered their standards in the past years, using engineered wood rather than kiln-dried hardwood. If the item that you are considering having reupholstered has a sturdy, good quality frame, then it is probably worthy of being reupholstered. However, if the frame seems damaged, and the springs are popping out, reupholstering it will not be enough to save it.
Sentimental value
Many people may look beyond the condition of the piece due to sentimental value. Perhaps it’s a chair passed down from a family member, sometimes we want to keep something because we’ve grown attached to it.
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